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Kid's Viking Helmets with Horns or Without Horns

Kid's Viking Helmets with Horns or Without Horns

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Bring history to life with our classic Viking helmets! Choose from an authentic "iron cap model" or a horned helmet straight from Norse legend.

Though real Vikings wore simple iron or leather helmets, horned helmets persist in modern imagination thanks to 19th-century artists and operas. Let your imagination soar back to ancient Scandinavia with a dramatic horned helmet, or opt for historical accuracy with our "iron cap style."

Either way, our plastic helmets are perfect for costume parties, plays, school projects, or just enjoying a bit of Viking roleplay. Lightweight and sized for kids and adults.

Relive the age of Norsemen and explorers! Add a touch of adventurous spirit to your next event with our Viking helmets.

Size: Approx. 8.5 x 6" (opening)

Suitable for children ages 3-7

Made in United States

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