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Hjemkomst of Robert Asp DVD

Hjemkomst of Robert Asp DVD

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This 1986 documentary film captures the passion and resilience of Robert Asp, a Moorhead School Guidance Counselor, who built the Hjemkomst Viking Ship replica in Hawley, Minnesota, in honor of his Norwegian heritage.

While Robert was building the Hjemkomst, he was diagnosed with leukemia. His passion and determination drove the construction to its completion in 1980 and trial run of the ship on Lake Superior.

Robert's dream inspired his family and community to join him on the completion of the Hjemkomst's Journey home. join the crew of eager adventurers as they live Robert's dream and sail the Hjemkomst across the Atlantic to Norway.

The Hjemkomst is a dream that began in the Red River Valley and inspires visitors young and old every day. Today this ship is houses in the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, Minnesota.
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